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SHE Officer

Job Desciption

  • Responsible for understanding and implementing policies and procedures for Safety, Health, Work and Environment in their respective areas and ensuring the implementation of all established safety procedures
  • Responsible for reporting all unsafe/substandard conditions and actions to the SHE Regional Coordinator
  • Responsible for K3L performance and audit, updating risk identification data (Hazard Identification), risk assessment (Risk Assessment), and risk control (Determining Control) or called HIRADC, as well as JSA (Job Safety Analysis) in the branch that is his responsibility
  • Coordinate with other departments and related direct supervisors to complete work or problems that arise in the company
  • Implement standard operating procedures to ensure all work processes run in an orderly and orderly manner in accordance with the SOPs that have been set


  • Bachelor degree from all majors, Engineering/ Public Health prefered
  • Fresh graduate or Experience min. 1 year in the field
  • Can operate Ms. Office / Open Office, G Suite, Web Browser, and others
  • Have a General K3 Expert education certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower
  • Understand the standards and laws and regulations related to engineering safety, industrial hygiene and environmental aspects