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Job List

Sales Supervisor

Job Description

  • Develop a list of target customers (sales targets and new customers)
  • Increase sales by considering the selling price, profit (EBIT) and smooth payment (DSO) with the approval of superiors
  • Coordinate and carry out sales process activities starting from sales offers, installation of tanks/tubes/gas and others along with supporting facilities up to the realization of delivery (according to the approved offer)
  • Coordinate and expand the business area, add customers, increase customers
  • Coordinate and prepare price offers, projects, tenders approved by superiors
  • Coordinate and update contract agreements with customers (contract period, price addendum, changes to customer data) in accordance with applicable regulations


  1. Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering is preferred)
  2. Have experience in sales field at least 3 years
  3. In-depth understanding of manufacturing company and its position in the market
  4. Basic computer skills and experience with tracking and recording call information, filing documents, or updating customer profiles/accounts; may include entering and tracking merchandise, scheduling with Microsoft Office Suite or similar software