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Financial Highlights


  1. Operating Profit is Gross Income less Operating Expenses, plus Other Income (excluding Financial Income), and less Other Expenses.
  2. Net Profit is current year's profit attributable to Owners of the Parent Entity
  3. Current Year's profit consists of profit attributable to the non-controlling party and to the owner of the parent entity
  4. Current Year Profit divided by total assets
  5. Net Income divided by Equity which can be attributed to the owner of the parent entity
  6. Net Working Capital is Accounts Receivable plus Inventory and less Accounts Payable
Consolidated Statements of Financial Position (in million rupiah)
Current Assets2.044.4191.629.8931.696.0151.585.9431.526.964
Non-Current Assets6.120.1805.491.5655.324.9655.061.8124.876.579
Total Assets8.164.5997.121.4587.020.9806.647.7556.403.543
Current Liabilities1.979.9871.615.0681.938.7111.297.8401.014.745
Non-Current Liabilities2.601.6872.124.2491.782.7052.202.1231.956.860
Total Liabilities4.581.6742.124.2493.721.4163.499.9632.971.605
Temporary Syirkah Funds----73.928
Total Equity3.582.9253.382.1413.299.5643.147.7923.358.010
Total Liabilities and Equity8.164.5997.121.4587.020.9806.647.7556.403.543

Consolidated Statements of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income (in million rupiah)
Gross Profit1.231.365933.433997.797939.858841.596
Operating Profit592.064372.182407.020389.387379.970
Net Profit204.18396.412100.97199.73285.569
Profit for The Year211.48599.862103.431114.37497.598
Earnings per Share (in full Rupiah)66,9031,5932,9232,5227,90
Total Comprehensive Income214.37297.501167.239118.462594.670
Profit/(Loss) for the year attributable to
Owner of the Parent Entity204.18396.412100.97199.73285.569
Non-Controlling Interest7.3023.4502.46014.64212.029
Comprehensive Income/(Loss) attributable to
Owner of the Parent Entity207.03893.987163.982103.257529.921
Non-Controlling Interest7.3343.5143.25715.20564.749

Financial Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Current Ratio1,031,010,871,221,50
Solvency Ratios
Debt to Asset Ratio0,560,530,530,530,48
Debt to Equity Ratio1,281,111,131,110,91
Profitability Ratios
Gross Profit Margin44,96%42,66%45,3%45,3%45,8%
Net Profit Margin7,46%4,4%4,6%4,8%4,7%
Return on Assets2,59%1,4%1,47%1,72%1,52%
Return on Equity5,8%2,9%3,11%3,23%2,79%

Statement of Cash Flows (in million rupiah)
Cash Flow from Operating Activities605.945364.251415.975311.207213.726
Cash Flow from Investing Activities(772.403)(278.108)(441.559)(630.319)(299.130)
Cash Flow from Financing Activities570.38839.50320.630259.23339.374
Net (Decrease)/Increase in Cash and Cash Equivalents403.930125.646(4.954)(59.879)(46.030)
Cash and Cash Equivalents at Beginning of Year405.164279.518284.472344.351390.381
Cash and Cash Equivalents at End of Year809.094405.164279.518284.472344.351