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The medical gases used in hospitals are life-supporting element that gives direct influence in maintaining the life of a patient. Therefore, at the sections where the medical gases are used, the medical gas must be clean, highly pure and supplied under stable pressure.

Conventionally, a high-pressure cylinder for medical use (high-pressure gas cylinder) is directly taken into an operating room, ICU or ward, and used for medical care. However, there has been some problems in this system from the aspect of safety and hygiene, that is, danger such as a turnover a high pressure gas cylinder, gas leak from the cylinder and the inflammability of gases, hygienic management of gas cylinder itself, and necessity of enough care in handling high-pressure gases.

A centralized medical gas piping system has been developed in order to eliminate those inconveniences. In this system, high-pressure gas cylinders, compressors and vacuum pumps are centralized at one place in a hospital, and the gases and the air are supplied to each section through piping. This system eliminates the danger at each section through piping where the gases are used and releases the complicated procedures for using the gases. However, there are some absolutely necessary conditions for this system as follows:

  • The pipe line should be used according to the gas type
  • Spontaneous interruption must not be allowed in gas supply
  • The high purity gas must be supplied from the medical gas outlet
  • A stable gas pressure must be maintained
  • To make these conditions complied with, there are legal regulations and standards.

Our medical gas system has cleared those regulations and standards as well as passing our strict company standards. The system has a thorough color coordination system based on gas types, an audio visual monitoring system, and a device to prevent cross connection at medical gas outlet for safety and better security.