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PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk

About Us

Company Overview

PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (“AGII” or “the Company”) is a leading industrial gas company with the largest and most extensive network in Indonesia, operating 44 plants and more than 100 filling stations across 26 provinces in Indonesia. With more than 100 years of experience, AGII has proven its ability to provide a wide range of industrial gas products and services, earning it a deserved reputation as one of the most reliable industrial gas suppliers in Indonesia.

AGII's main business is producing, marketing and selling various gases for industry and related products in the Republic of Indonesia in the form of liquefied gas or solid gas. Aside from that, the Company trades gas products from other producers to customers, particularly for products such as Specialty Gas, Rare Gas and many more. The Company also provides construction and installation services needed to distribute such gas products, as well as other related supporting equipment and technology.

AGII serves industrial gas needs for various sectors, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Infrastructure, and many others. AGII is a long-standing and trusted partner that is committed to provide the best service for and to grow together with their clients.


Our Vision

To be the most desirable company that continuously grows and expands by utilizing natural resources that are beneficial for life


Our Mission

1. Give the best for the stakeholders

2. Integrity and commitment to quality, HSE (Health Safety Environment) and GCG (Good Corporate Governance)

3. Enhance Total Customer Solution (TCS)

4. Expand the business area coverage and develop products, services and technologies


Our Values (PRIDE)

Act professionally by prioritizing responsibility, competence, self-confidence, commitment, ethics, reliability, maturity and determination to achieve perfection.

Practicing good corporate governance, mutual respect, integrity, honesty, concern for others with consistently high standards and ethics. Maintain credibility to gain a sense of trust from all relevant stakeholders.

Being able to creatively find opportunities for improvement and to develop new things, new methods and or new activities.

Maintaining unity in diversity, appreciating contributions from different angles, being able to create synergies from existing differences to achieve greater things.

Have a vision to advance the company and to be able to seize business opportunities for business development, formulate strategies to win competition, and find ways to increase profitability on an ongoing basis.