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NV WA Hoek Machine en Zuurstof, a Dutch company, built an Oxygen plant in Jakarta in 1916, followed by the construction of other plants in Surabaya and Bandung.


NV Javasche Koelzoor built a CO2 plant in Surabaya.


Both companies were nationalized by the Government of Indonesia and transformed into PN Zatas and PN Asam Arang.


Both companies were merged into PT Aneka Gas Industri (Persero) under the Department of Industry.


A portion of the Government’s shares in PT Aneka Gas Industri was sold to Messer Griesheim Gmbh from Germany (40%) and PT Tira Austenite (10%). Messer Griesheim Gmbh increased its ownership portion by acquiring all of the Government’s shares in PT Aneka Gas Industri (Persero). 

The Company’s status was changed to a Foreign Investment Company.


In 2004, the Harsono Family purchased the entire PT Tira Austenite’s shares in PT Aneka Gas Industri, hence the Harsono Family has 100% controlled of PT Aneka Gas Industri’s shares.

The status of the Company became Domestic Investment (PMDN). During this period, the Company expanded rapidly and the number of plants increased from 11 plants in 2003 to 41 plants in 2015.


Conducted Initial Public Offering of PT Aneka Gas Industry Tbk.’s shares and listed it in Indonesia Stock Exchange.  Commenced construction of several Filling Stations owned by Subsidiaries.  Acquired additional assets to offset business growth.


Conducts Sustainable Public Offering; Aneka Gas Industri Sustainable Bond I and Aneka Gas Industri Sustainable Public Offering of Sukuk Ijarah I (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III). Operates 44 plants and 104 filling stations in 26 province of Indonesia.


Received the “Resilience in Pandemic” Award from Bisnis Indonesia as Best Company in the Plastic, Packaging and Chemical Industry Category.

Received award from Markeeters of the Year Award as Industry Marketing Special Mention for President Director.


Founder of Samator Group and President Commissioner of the Company (2006-2021), the late Mr. Arief Harsono, received an award from Marketeers at the Mark Plus Conference 2022 with a nomination for the “Immortal Marketing Award 2021” because he has become an inspiration for marketing activists and is seen as a kind and compassionate leader.

Completed acquisition transaction of fixed assets for 2 (two) business units owned by PT Samator, each located in Cikande, Banten Province and in Gresik, East Java Province, therefore operating a total of 54 factories with 106 filling stations in 28 provinces in Indonesia.


PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk officially changed its name to PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk in December 2022 through Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) to strengthen the Company's branding as part of the Samator Group.