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PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (“AGII”) announces its first quarter 2017 financial performance

By Press Release30 April 2017

JAKARTA, 30 April 2017 – PT Aneka Gas Industri, Tbk. (“AGII”) has released its interim financial statements for the three months ended on 31 March 2017.

Financial Highlights and Operational Indicators

AGII generated higher net revenue for the three months ended on March 31, 2017 of Rp. 42.554 billion or around 10,93% to Rp 431.927 billion from Rp 389.372 billion in the first quarter of 2016. This higher net revenue was mainly due to the increase in gas sales of Rp.32.934 billion or around 9.5% to Rp 381.328 billion that derived from volume growth of around 7.5%. Industrial gas sales prices throughout first quarter 2017 increased as a result of the impact of inflation and product mix as well as the increase in equipment and services sales of Rp. 9.621 billion or amounting to 23.48% to Rp.50.599 billion. The sales growth contribution in first quarter 2017 was mostly backed by the medical, infrastructure as well as the consumer goods sector, which accounted for around 10% compared to the same period in 2016. The number of filling stations in first quarter 2017 amounts to 85 units.

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