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Expanding Its Value Creation and Operational Excellence, AGII Sales Hits IDR 678 Billion

By Press Release02 May 2023

Jakarta, 2 May 2023 – PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk (Bloomberg Code: AGII IJ or the “Company”) has released its Consolidated Financial Statements for the years ended 31 March 2023 (“Q1-2023”) and 2022 (“Q1-2022”). As of the Q1-2023 period, Total Sales reached IDR 678,578 billion, a decrease at 0.6% compared to that of Q1-2022. Gross Profit reached IDR 313,550 billion, increased 5.9% compared to that of the previous year, and Profit for the Year hits IDR 42,925 billion, decreased 6.3% compared to that of 31 March 2022, which reached IDR 45,806 billion.

AGII President Director, Rachmat Harsono, spoke, “In the first quarter of 2023, the Company was back again in facing the medical gas demand normalization as the consequence to the surge of medical gas demand that occured in the previous year. We do not see this situation as an obstacle that might kills the Company’s spirit. Despite of that, we see an opportunity to be devoted to manage our premier services for our customers in other sectors that are growing in the national industrialization era. Even though in our Sales experienced a decrease by IDR 3.9 billion in Y-o-Y, but when we compare to that in Q1-2019, our Sales grew by 29.9% or about IDR 156.2 billion. This proves our commitment to move forward and improving our performance, in more distinct way, by always managing any business opportunities.”

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