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Oxygen in the form of O2 is produced from water by cyanobacteria, algae and plants during photosynthesis and is used in cellular respiration for all complex life. Today, the atmosphere consists of approximately 21 percent Oxygen, and is also a valuable source of raw material for an entire industry. Oxygen can be in the form of liquid or gas, and is a valuable source of raw materials for whole industries, such as the smelting of iron ore into steel, metal cutting and welding, as an oxidizer for rocket fuel, in water purification, and many more.

The Company has obtained Indonesian National Standard (SNI) Certificate No. 0576/PUSTAN/SNI-AS/VIII/2012 for Oxygen Products.

SectorOxygen Application
AgriculturePackaging MA/CA (Modifiedv /Controlled Atmosphere), Storage MA/CA, Transportation MA/CA
MedicalBreathing Support, Anti Anxiety
Chemical & PetrochemicalPlastic finishing, Catalytic regeneration
MetallurgyFurnace lancing, Continuous casting, Oxy fuel burner, Flame enrichment, Flame process, Welding, Heat treating, Metallizing, Oxy fuel cutting
Electrical & ElectronicHeating, Welding, Molding