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Hydrocarbon Gas


Liquefied petroleum gases such as butane, isobutane, propane, propylene (propene), ethylene, butylene (butene) and various mixtures of hydrocarbons.

These gases are referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas or LPG). LPG is used among others to:

  1. As fuel for room heater, water heating, boiler heating, cooking, grilling, air conditioning (AC) and cooler in rural and urban areas that are still outside the reach of gas pipes.
  2. In large-scale industrial utilities (especially industries that use furnaces or ovens which must be continuously regulated at a certain temperature) as a reserve fuel supply to protect against disruptions of natural or artificial gas supply.
  3. Room heater during building construction.
  4. As fuel for all industrial heating processes, especially heat which must be controlled accurately.
  5. As fuel in processes such as poultry farming, cotton and grain heating as well as preserving tobacco, food drying (food preservation), burning thatch and heating gardens.
  6. As fuel for vehicles such as trucks, buses, taxis, transport trucks, farm machinery such as tractors and harvest machines.