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Labour, Health & Safety

Human Capital Transformation

Human Resources (HR) competency development is one of AGI's core strategies in carrying out sustainable business transformation. Benefitting from the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, the Company has launched CorporateEDU, an online education platform. In the near future, the Company will digitize all educational and training content, ranging from soft-skill training, such as leadership training, to hard-skill training such as finance and accounting materials, to enable employees to improve their skills and competencies without being limited by time and place. Through the platform, employees will be trained and tested to see if they have really learned the subject from the material that has been provided. Over time, each employee can see their own development throughout their career and explore all career opportunities in the Company.

Occupational Safety and Facilities

The Company is disciplined in prioritizing occupational health, security and safety in its entire plant, operational and business area and or facilities of the Company. This is demonstrated by the rigorous implementation of related standard operating procedures. Employees entering the Company’s plant facilities are required to use personal protective equipment such as protective goggles, helmet, shoes and protective gloves. Proper safety equipments are also required for use by employees in charge of distributing products to customers. Given that gas products contain high risk hazards, maintenance of all facilities and infrastructure owned by the Company is carried out on a scheduled basis. The Company also implements stringent policies in the plant area, such as a strict ban on smoking in the factory environment.

Both Employment as well as Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) matters are carried out in the Company in a careful manner by adhering to the applicable laws and regulations as well as national and international standards of practice. Through this, the Company has succeeded in obtaining recognition for product quality and guarantees of health and safety in its work environment. The Company and Management have shown commitment in fulfilling OHS best practice standards through OHS as well as Environmental Management System (HSE/Health Safety Environment) programs in the Company that are consistently enforced and closely monitored.

As an effort to monitor performance in the management of Occupational Safety and Facilities, the Company is also actively conducting audits of HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study), QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment), and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) with third party evaluators, EnviroSolutions and Consulting (“eSC”), one of Asia's leading Environmental, Safety and Risk consultants. The result of the audit is a very detailed report on practice and performance in the three aspects audited, which can be utilized by the Company to improve specific areas as identified by the auditor.

The implementation of activities related to employee safety has an effective impact and helps the Company to continue to improve and discipline occupational safety practices in order to achieve the company's target of Zero Accident.

Gender Equality and Employment Opportunities

The Company is committed to providing fair and equal employment opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender or social status. The Human Capital team upholds the principle of non-discrimination in the recruitment and promotion of employees. The Company also provides fair and equal employment opportunities for women and men by considering the scope and requirements of the work. The Company will strive to continuously improve gender equality in order to improve the Company's overall performance. 

Employee Welfare

Employee remuneration policies in the Company are managed by taking into account applicable regulations, including those related to minimum wages, leave provisions and employee benefits. The Company implements a measurable KPI (“Key Performance Indicator”) achievement system, of which is continuously evaluated and improved, in determining employee remuneration and benefits. To create a good working atmosphere, the Company pays attention to the welfare of employees through many programs and initiatives, including the BPJS Employment Program, health and hospital insurance for all employees and their families, ESA (Employee Stock Allocation) Program, Credit Debt Facility Without Installment for Employees, the Cinta Kasih Sayang(“Love and Affection”) Movement in which employee contributions are used to help employees with medical and mourning expenses, COP or Car Ownership Program, Mandiri Inhealth to support employee health programs, recreation with all employees and their families, sports, worship and entertainment facilities, OHS facilities, and Employee Cooperatives (“Koperasi”).

Employment Complaint Mechanism   

All labor complaints can be submitted via email, memo, and telephone to the Human Resources Department. With the assistance and leadership of the management, the Company continues to carry out various continuous improvement efforts to facilitate all matters related to employment, and each branch of the Company is represented by a Human Capital Business Partner who is in charge of monitoring and following up on all matters related to the management of labor affairs. The Company is committed to providing the best work experience for every employee. 

The latest information on the Company's Employment and OHS policies are available on our Annual Reports.