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Product Responsibility

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Supply and Product Safety

Products and Services provided by the Company are considered critical for use by the general public and the industrial community. Therefore, the Company prioritizes service quality and product availability for its customers. For example, as part of the Company's commitment, the Company gives priority to customers from the Healthcare Sector in order to ensure the supply of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. The company is committed to providing quality products to its customers because it realizes that its products are critical for production processes and provide added value to customers.

The Company adheres to the principles of security and safety in marketing and selling of its products. Industrial gas are products that require unique and special handling with strict safety and security standards. The Company periodically conducts safety checks, one example of which is the calibration process of its facilities and infrastructure such as cylinders, PGS (“portable gas storage”), road trailers and road tankers. In cases where customers require that the products purchased be stored in packaging provided by the customers, and such packaging fail to meet the safety requirements set by the Company, the Company will not fill such packaging with its own products for the safety of the community.

Customer Satisfaction

The Company conducts periodic customer satisfaction surveys as an effort to monitor and continuously improve the quality of the Company's services. Each customer satisfaction survey result is submitted through the Company's Annual Report, and starting in 2022, through the Company's Sustainability Report. All customer complaints can be made by email, memo, and phone to the Company’s sales representatives that are assigned as the first point of contact of the respective customer. In addition, the Company also has General Managers in charge of the Company’s operational areas to monitor and ensure the quality of service in each area. The Company is committed to provide the best services (Service Excellence) to all customers.