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PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk

Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics is a guideline for business ethics and work ethics which is defined from the Company's cultural values ​​and the principles of good corporate governance. The Code of Ethics applies to members of the Board of Directors, members of the Board of Commissioners, and employees of the Company.

The main points of the PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk code of ethics consist of:

  1. Vision, mission and company values
  2. Company Business Ethics
  3. Obligation to Comply with and Punishment for Code of Conduct Violation
  4. Code of Conduct for working with Customers and Suppliers
  5. Employee Ethical standards
  6. Employee Complaints
  7. Disclosure of Fraud
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company's Code of Conduct is available upon request.