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Corporate Governance

Audit Committee

In carrying out its supervisory function, the Board of Commissioners is assisted by an Audit Committee formed by the Board of Commissioners and works collectively in order to assist in the implementation of the duties of the Board of Commissioners. The establishment of the Audit Committee is in accordance with the Financial Services Authority Regulation No.55/POJK.04/2015 concerning the Establishment and Implementation of the Audit Committee. Audit Committee members are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Commissioners and reported to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Chairman and Members of the Audit Committee are independent parties and have no affiliation.

In 2020, the composition of the Company's Audit Committee underwent a change in composition. Based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners Meeting No. 040/Keu-AGI/III/2020 dated 19 March 2020, the composition of AGI’s Audit Committee is as follows:

MemberTjokro Aliwidjaja


In order to carry out its duties and responsibilities, the Audit Committee has been equipped with an Audit Committee Charter. For AGI’s Audit Committee Charter, please click here.