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Corporate Governance

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary is the main liaison between the Company and shareholders, capital market authorities and the public. The Corporate Secretary is tasked with ensuring that all shareholders, investors, stakeholders and the wider community can access company information accurately and on time.

In accordance with the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 35/POJK.04/2014 regarding the Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies, the Company has appointed Imelda Mulyani Harsono to act as Corporate Secretary based on the President Director's Decree No. 101/SKEP-14/DIRUT/VII/18 dated 10 July 2018 regarding The Appointment of Corporate Secretary. Her profile is available here.

The main duties of the Corporate Secretary are:

  1. Keep up with the development of the capital market, especially the regulations that apply in capital market.
  2. Providing services to the public for any information needed by investors relating to the condition of the company.
  3. Providing input to the Board of Directors to comply with the laws and regulations in capital market.
  4. As liaison between the Company and the shareholders, Financial Services Authority and other stakeholders.