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Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System is a policy and procedures designed for receive, review and follow up on complaints submitted by employees and Stakeholders of the company. To ensure the protection of Stakeholders' rights as well as the risk of violation of regulations by certain parties, AGI has a violation reporting mechanism.

Complaints submitted through the Whistleblowing System can be in the form of information or indications of fraud and negligence that occurred within the company. With the Whistleblowing System, it is hoped to prevent and identify any potential violations within the company and can act as an early warning system, so that the company have the opportunity to deal with violations internally prior before they become public violations.

Complaints can be submitted through the following mechanisms:

  1. Submitting complaints through reporting media, namely:
  2. Complaint reports are received directly by the President Director to be followed up by the related Work Unit.
  3. Relevant work units follow up on reports, if necessary; further investigations will be carried out. 

Complaints and reports received directly by the President Director will be managed and followed up by the Internal Audit Unit where the work unit will conduct further investigations (if necessary).

The company guarantees the confidentiality of information and identity and provides protection to whistleblowers.